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Struggle to get your priorities done? 

Plagued by procrastination on things that matter? 




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Control My Calendar Checklist

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Take back your calendar and create a better rhythm so you can accomplish your goals, live by your values and experience satisfaction from getting things done.


You can reclaim your time to do what matters most, bring more balance to your energy cycles, and reduce the feeling of overwhelm and frustration from not getting things done.


You’ll see how procrastination is less about the tasks and to-do lists as it is about how you orchestrate and own your day.


The Control My Calendar Checklist is a simple and powerful tool I developed and it’s been the key ingredient for creating more rewarding rhythm in work and home life for me and for my clients who work in a wide-range of industries.


As a result of taking ownership of my own calendar I’ve experienced:

  • Pockets of time to golf without feeling like I’m compromising other priorities
  • Knocking things off my to-do list in big bundles
  • Peace of mind from knowing that I have a plan for taking care of things
  • empowers me to make quicker decisions and to say “no” with confidence 
  • provides me with a filter to sort through requests for my time so I don’t overload my schedule
  • I no longer feel hostage to someone controlling my time
My clients have expressed the following wins by applying items on the Control My Calendar Checklist:

  • Organization of my calendar so I know what to do
  • Ability to stay focused on my to-do list
  • Ability to discern what are urgent tasks versus important
  • My days are planned in alignment with my top priorities
  • I’ve built in buffers to allow for last minute tasks
  • Using my discretionary time to express and experience my values
  • I’m more effective and productive at work
  • I’m more fulfilled, whole as a person


The Calendar Coach

Given the rapid rate of change with technology with the ability to have and share information in seconds as well as the continued drive to do more with less, and reducing costs yet maintaining performance, the desire for work-life balance has increased at a rapid rate and there doesn’t seem to be a workable solution in place.  

Most of us are in meetings all day long and struggle to figure out how to have time to get the actual work done and have time for family and a personal life.  

The problem is if we don’t figure out how to create more work life balance it’s going to continue to affect our health negatively, our relationships at home, and we’re going to feel more and more  resentful – I can’t be a good mom or wife or get much done at work.  

What you really need is a timeout and a trusted friend to come in and look at calendar and life and give you the cold hard facts because time is slipping away.

And that’s why I do what I do. I help you get your life back on your terms where you are living by your values and focused on your priorities instead of getting swept along by cultural norms, expectations of others, and the urgent requests for your time or talent.  

I’m Paul Casey, known as the Calendar Coach, and I help you take back your calendar and your life.  

Download my checklist and get started today.