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Congratulations to you for deciding to own and orchestrate your calendar so you can be productive, effective, and get the things done that truly matter.


The Control My Calendar Checklist is on its way to your email inbox from me, Paul Casey, and should arrive in the next ten minutes.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Be sure to “white-list” our email address so there’s no delay.


If you want a focused collection of practical tips for time management to supplement the Control Your Calendar Checklist, you’ll find them in my book Maximizing Every Minute.

The golden thread through my life’s work has been to get things done – for myself and for my clients.

I’ve found that most people have a to-do list and that becomes an “I don’t want to do” list and they do the easiest things first, only to run out of time and sadly continue on the cycle of not getting it all done – late to meetings, missing deadlines, and rushing home to fall asleep exhausted.

I can help you stop that cycle.

In my book, I share only the things from my research and implementation that truly worked for me and my clients.

Take one step at a time and start with my one-action-at-a-time bag of tricks in my book, Maximizing Every Minute.